Spirit Animals : Mythic Animal Symbols From Around The World

Spirit animals represent our virtues, vices, and deepest self. But animal symbolism varies wildly across global cultures and mythologies. From Anansi the cunning spider revered in West Africa to Garuda the righteous eagle in Hinduism, let’s explore these mythic beasts!

Anansi (Spider) – Cleverness and Wisdom [West Africa] In the folk tales of West Africa, Anansi the spider uses his wit and wisdom to turn disadvantage into advantage. Anansi shows us that even the smallest can accomplish great things through skill and intellect. His presence indicates a time for creative solutions.

Garuda (Eagle) – Protection and Perspective [Hinduism] In Hindu mythology, Garuda is known for his speed, expansive vision, and righteous duty. As the trusty steed of Vishnu, Garuda provides swift protection. His keen sight also inspires perspective. If he appears, you may need to shift your viewpoint.

Quetzalcoatl (Feathered Serpent) [Aztec Mythology] This hybrid creature represents the unification of sky and earth. Quetzalcoatl signifies balance, rebirth, and harnessing opposites within yourself. If Quetzalcoatl visits, you may need integration and shedding old ways.

Kitsune (Fox) – Magic and Mischief [Japanese Folklore]
In Japanese legends, the fox Kitsune is a shape-shifter associated with cunning pranks and supernatural magic. Kitsune reminds us to embrace cleverness and be open to miracles. He awakens childlike awe.

Bastet (Cat) – Protection and Femininity [Ancient Egyptian Mythology] As the feline goddess of protection, Bastet guarded women and children in ancient Egypt. She amplifies sensuality, mystery, intuition, and independence. When Bastet appears, own your feminine power.

Thor (Boar) – Strength and Bravery [Norse Mythology]
The boar symbolized battle courage and fortitude in Norse culture. As a fellow boar, Thor channels primal warrior energy to protect community. If boar visits, stand strong and face adversity bravely.

Across legends worldwide, animals represent the full spectrum of human possibility. By learning their symbols, spirit animals can help us unlock our mythic selves! Let us know your favorite mythic spirit creature.

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